The Baltic Fleet, Liverpool

One of UK’s most famous ancient-style pubs, The Baltic Fleet is a pub which any reveller will love. It maintains every essence of the pristine pub environment, without losing touch with the modern world. The pub is most famous for its setting that has ‘four ghosts.’ A lot of stories are told about this architectural appearance, and the locals are always ready for a reason to re-tell the story. You will never get bored catching a pint here.

Within the pub is a tunnel which gives way to the town’s equally historic red-light district. Not everyone will be willing to take this tunnel, of course, but there are those who will love it. Moreover, while the tunnel leads to this district, the district itself does not lead into the pub. The atmosphere inside is so calm, you wouldn’t tell that the two are neighbours.

The Baltic Fleet also does have a rich variety of drinks to choose from. From freshly brewed ale to some fine-aged wine, you cannot go wrong with any choice. Whenever you find yourself in Liverpool, this is definitely a great place to visit.

The Baltic Fleet, Liverpool

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