Bars etiquette and advice

The place where you choose to drink and unwind will determine how your evening will unfold. Think about the music you want to listen to, how much you are willing to spend, and the kind of drinks you are open to having when choosing a bar and pub. The important thing is to master the etiquette that will make your experience and that of other revelers more memorable.

Getting it Right

  • Research on the bar beforehand and have a basic idea of the kind of drinks and foods they offer. Do not be afraid of asking for help and guidance when you feel overwhelmed.
  • Respect the rules of the bar. If they say you cannot smoke inside the bar, do not try it. If they demand to see ID before serving any drink, you should oblige. No need to start arguments over the house rules.
  • Respect the bartenders and waiters. They are there to serve you, but they are also serving other people so do not make it all about yourself.
  • Know when it’s time to stop: There are many horror stories of people who got drunk and disorderly and should have done much better if only they had known when to stop.
  • Avoid drinking anything whose content you don’t know. Read through the menu and understand all the ingredients to check if there is potential allergy risk. You should also know the alcohol content in every drink you take.
  • Do not yell, wave money or grab the bartender when ordering for drinks. That is just rude. Wait until you are served.
  • If you are out drinking as a group, make sure you are taking care of each other. Watch one another, and ideally, you should go back home together as a unit. Do not leave your friends behind, especially when they look like they need help. Ensure they are safe and in a position to get home before you part ways.
Bars etiquette and advice

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