Pubs and Snus

For centuries pubs and snus have been linked in numerous ways. When drinking establishments were first created, they were solely places for people to enjoy alcohol while socialising. This changed when tobacco products were introduced to Europe. Pub patrons started to chew and smoke it. Eventually, Sweden created a new moist variant of snuff in the 18th century. This was known as snus and became exceptionally popular. Within Nordic countries, people continue to enjoy this substance in pub environments.

However, the same cannot be said for British pubs. Snus is currently prohibited within this country. In fact, it is even illegal to smoke regular cigarettes in public spaces. This is due to a smoking ban that was created after concerns over the health effects of tobacco. The good news is that UK citizens can still find snus alternatives online. For example, the website Northerner provides pouch products that are similar to snus but still conform to current British rules and regulations. While it is not permitted to enjoy these items inside the pub itself, these establishments often have designated smoking areas.

Different Flavours

One of the great things about modern nicotine pouches is the abundance of flavours. Pub-goers may choose ones in mint, coffee or citrus. The Northerner catalogue has an impressive range available. There are even different strength levels. This is one of the main reasons why smokers are switching to snus alternatives.

The Future of Snus in Pubs

It is difficult to predict whether tobacco products will be more accepted within pubs in the near future. However, in recent years there has been a rise in smoking within the UK. This suggests that more people would approve of nicotine pouches in drinking establishments. However, this is not a possibility unless the smoking ban is changed.

A Complementary Mixture

It is fair to say that Nordic people can teach Britons a lot about having fun. They have shown that nicotine and alcohol mix very well together. A number of other countries have followed this trend. Today numerous pubs throughout the world allow their customers to enjoy snus.

Pubs and Snus

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