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Pub Culture and the Wallpaper Revolution: Unveiling the Latest Pub Trend

Pub cultures change, but some things remain constant. Albeit a mainstay in pub interior designs, wallpapers are fast dominating pub spaces today for all the right reasons. The days of plain, drab walls are long gone, replaced by a vibrant, creative, and sometimes even whimsical embrace of wallpaper in these social spaces. Wallpapers Set the […]

Pubs and Snus

For centuries pubs and snus have been linked in numerous ways. When drinking establishments were first created, they were solely places for people to enjoy alcohol while socialising. This changed when tobacco products were introduced to Europe. Pub patrons started to chew and smoke it. Eventually, Sweden created a new moist variant of snuff in […]

The UK Pub Smoking Ban

The Health Act of 2006 had an extremely significant effect on British pubs. It eventually led to an outright ban on smoking within these venues the following year. As a result, more patrons sought a smokeless tobacco alternative. A good example is nicotine pouches, which have continued to see a rise in popularity. Velo branded […]

Floor Décor For Pubs

When pubs are attempting to entice in customers it is vital that the interior is designed in an appealing way. The floor in particular needs to be well decorated. For this reason a large number of pubs utilise rugs. In the past rectangular rugs were favoured in drinking establishments. However, businesses are beginning to recognise […]

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