Why Wallpapers are Best for Pubs and Bars

One of the key aspects to focus on when starting a pub or bar business is the interior. For many, paint does the magic on the wall, but then, smart entrepreneurs prefer wallpapers. The reason is that wallpapers have a higher return on investment than painting. In this article, find out why pub and bar owners should have wallpapers on their wish list instead of paint.

Wallpapers are Easy to Install

One of the biggest advantages of wallpapers is that they are easy to install. It may take just a day to prepare the entire walls in readiness for business, but when it comes to painting, the process is cumbersome. First, you need a professional painter, and more so, the painting will take days, if not weeks.

Cheaper in the Long Run

Another advantage of wallpaper for walls is that they are cheaper in the long term. Yes, buying paint might be cheaper, but then hiring a professional painter to do that fantastic job will set you back more compared to hiring a professional to install the wallpaper. Interestingly, installing wallpaper is a DIY task that you can handle without a problem. Besides the initial costs, wallpapers last longer, so by the time you will need to revamp your pub or bar’s wallpapered walls, your competitors, with painted walls, will have painted them twice or thrice.


The biggest advantage of wallpapers is customisability. Wallpapers allow entrepreneurs to spice up their premises’ interior using attractive, themed wallpapers. You can opt for bright colours with reflective properties to glow in the dark, complementing the lighting. To get such an appearance with paint, you might need expensive paint and probably, three or more coats. This is alongside a pro painter and maybe a wall artist if you want lifelike art. Pub and bar owners can also go for personalised wallpaper that blends with the nature of their business.

Wrapping Up

There you have it, folks, the advantages of using wallpaper on the walls of your pub or bar. Indeed, wallpapers are easy to install, affordable and importantly, more attractive compared to paint. You can spice up your premises’ interior with any art you can imagine!

Why Wallpapers are Best for Pubs and Bars

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