The UK Pub Smoking Ban

The Health Act of 2006 had an extremely significant effect on British pubs. It eventually led to an outright ban on smoking within these venues the following year. As a result, more patrons sought a smokeless tobacco alternative.

A good example is nicotine pouches, which have continued to see a rise in popularity. Velo branded pouches are available on the Haypp website. These are made from a blend of pine and eucalyptus fibres.

A Healthier Nation

One of the main reasons for the ban was the increasing recognition of how unhealthy smoking is. Since pub patrons could no longer engage in this activity, it meant their health could potentially improve. They may have moved on to alternative ways to enjoy nicotine. If so, then they would find Velo products from Haypp particularly appealing. Since the ban, there has been a sharp decrease in the number of British smokers.

Cleaner Pub Air

If someone were to walk into a pub before 2007, they would have likely been met with a very smoky environment. This was the case during most of the history of pubs. When the new legislation was implemented, it significantly boosted the air quality within these venues.

Diminishing Pushback

When the ban was first announced, it was met with a fair amount of adverse reactions. Some stated that smoking was a key characteristic of pub environments. However, within ten years since the legislation, the amount of pushback has diminished. In 2007 a YouGov survey showed that 78% of participants agreed with it. In 2017 that same survey noted that the number had jumped to 83%. There are many reasons for this rise. One could be that smokers have begun to favour nicotine pouches.

Effect on the Tobacco Industry

The ban was not the first attempt to stifle the tobacco industry. However, it was one of the most effective. Today there are far fewer smokers, and many people prefer smokeless alternatives. The good news is that Velo products are still available to enjoy. People will need to check local pub regulations to see whether they are permitted to chew tobacco inside them.

The UK Pub Smoking Ban

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