Characteristics of Bars and Pubs

Now that the definition of terms is clear, why don’t we look at the specific characteristics which make these drinking establishments unique? This section will explore the features that you will find in most bars and pubs across the world. There may, however, be a few factors that do not sound exactly familiar, since every single establishment is built on its own.

Characteristics of Pubs

  • Local crowd

Pubs usually comprise patrons from the neighbouring areas. They, therefore, are typically referred to as ‘locals.’ The crowd usually convenes here at the end of the day, to share a drink and catch up on the day’s happenings.

  • Combine food and alcohol

Most pubs serve different types of food alongside alcoholic drinks. The main drinks served in these houses include beer, ale, and cider.

  • Relaxed atmosphere

Bars are more about the chatter; the music is usually soft and mainly a part of the background.

Characteristics of Bars

  • Urban location

Bars are usually located in urban centres. Often, the crowd is constantly changing and not overly familiar with each other.

  • Themes

Many bars have themes aimed at a particular crowd. There are specific fittings to suit frequent patrons, such as sports and music lovers.

  • Young lively crowd

The patrons at the themed bars usually come here to be entertained and have a good time. This is often a young crowd, just above the minimum age. As such, the music at most bars is usually loud and booming. Typically, new people are coming in every week, with just a handful of frequent patrons. The bars often open in the evenings and remain so, deep into the night.

Characteristics of Bars and Pubs

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