Classifying Pubs and Bars in the UK

The bar and pub debate does not end without looking at some of the most popular joints in the UK. After looking at the history and best stories coming out of the watering holes, it is essential that we sample the best places to get a few in their raw form.

As mentioned earlier, the UK never witnessed Prohibition. This has allowed the pub culture to flourish uninterrupted for the longest time. As a result, the region has some of the best pubs and bars you will find anywhere in the world.

Factors Used to Classify the Best Pubs

The pub scene is full of amazing places you can visit, but this review only has space for a chosen few. As such, it is compiled with tight criteria. Including some outlets in this list, does not in any way take anything away from the other great bars and pubs. This list is based on the following:

  • Price

The very essence of bars and pubs is to have a great time. This review looks at houses that have stuck to this authentic principle, without seeking to exploit their patrons.

  • Location

There are numerous amazing places, but for convenience, the review sticks to those which are quickly and conveniently accessible from different parts within the region

  • Popular pub trends

If a bar or pub is drawing crowds, then it must be doing something right. Houses that have been receiving huge numbers of patrons are definitely going to catch a reviewer’s attention. These establishments will make it to the list of best establishments on the merit of being true patron magnets. Read on…

Classifying Pubs and Bars in the UK

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