The Fuzzy Duck

One of the best and undoubtedly most delightful ways to experience the Cotswolds country life is to visit the Fuzzy Duck. The easy-themed pub in Armscote, Stratford-Upon-Avon has a specific focus on its drinks and food, always working on getting the best out of traditional recipes.

The Fuzzy Duck welcomes with a nicely painted and decorated interior, coupled with a comfortable sitting arrangement. Here, you can easily sit and mingle with the locals as you enjoy the freshly brewed ale. Furthermore, you need not to leave in a hurry, as they have bedrooms where you can stay in and enjoy a long weekend. The upstairs bedrooms are overlooking the area’s countryside which is just as serene.

The pubs most significant selling point has to be its dishes, however. Here, you will find the most substantial portions of any food you will get elsewhere. The outlet repeatedly wins the Food and Drink category awards, and you have to go there to understand why. Not only are the portions huge, but they are also tasty and uniquely prepared. Each serving you will eat at the Fuzzy Duck will always feel discounted at the pay-out.

There really aren’t many pubs which match the Fuzzy Duck!

The Fuzzy Duck

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