Hand and Heart, Nottingham

The Hand and Heart continuously claims to be the UK’s oldest pub, but, for some reason, not many people seem to buy the tale. One thing that is not subject to argument, however, is the pub’s lovely nature. The public house is the actual embodiment of Nottingham’s rich pub culture.

The pub which is just ten minutes’ walk from the city centre has one of the most lovely settings. It is designed like a traditional cave and feels just as hideous. Not hideous in a wrong way, however. Instead, you get the feeling that while you are here, you are well tucked away from any disturbances you may be looking to get away from.

The Hand and Heart serves a long list of ales which have received an endorsement from the best in the brewing and tasting industry. Most of its beers are sourced from local brewers, such as the Dancing Duck in Derby.

Equally pleasant is the food which is served in the pub. Some of the dishes served here are homemade and delivered for consumption on the premises or take-away. Sunday is a uniquely special day with some mouth-watering roasts any meat lover will cherish.

Hand and Heart, Nottingham

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