Introduction to Pubs and Bars

That sounds like an ironic introduction, really. Anyone who has been around the pub and bar environment shouldn’t need any introduction to the same right? Like, honestly, even teetotallers tend to know quite a generous amount about watering holes, without having to step foot on any such premises.

There is some truth to that. However, have you ever sat back to think that there is never a formal conversation about bars and pubs? Well, some media platforms may have ‘pub crawl’ columns, but they are usually filler stories at best. There really is a need to have an open, unashamed conversation about one of the industries which brings happiness to a considerable chunk of the population, and a generous sum to the taxman too!

A Good Pint

Pretty much everyone who loves a pint has a favourite joint. There’s something unique about such a bar which would make patrons travel for miles just to have a good time there. It could be the friendliness of the service or the crowd that turns up there. It could be the pricing (rarely) or even something as simple as the seating arrangement.

Then, there are those pubs you hit once in a while on the road, and they give you such an experience that you never forget them. They offer a story worth sharing with fellow lovers of a good time, but you probably never get an avenue to do that.p>

Well, now that you are here, the conversation has just begun. And it’s not just mere pub talk we are discussing here. The wheel is now rolling; the pub scene will never be the same again. You will realise that there is so much more to the fun environment than you ever thought possible. That is not to speak of entirely new things; instead, it is about aspects which are always in the vicinity, but never catch your attention.

Great Moments

Those great moments on the pub scene will be documented here for the benefit of those who have enjoyed them, and those who will come later. Those who have been there will remember the memories with nostalgia; the future generations will hold the happenings in awe. Furthermore, therein will lie lessons which will definitely enable everyone to get a little more fun from the places they visit. This could be in the form of discovering new places to enjoy their pint or learning new methods to savour them while at your local.

It may undoubtedly have never crossed your mind that pub talk could have so much meaning, but you probably are getting the picture now. That you are currently reading this, means it already is a good day; a time to get some new pint advice, before hitting the pub for another one for the road.

Introduction to Pubs and Bars

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