Designing Pub and Bar Interiors

The look of a bar and pub interior will have a significant impact on how well it is received by the general public. When designing an interior, the owner will be able to express the individual brand and personality of their establishment. A good interior should be both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Poorly designed ones can harm profits. There are several factors to consider when creating a bar or pub.

Traditional or Modern?

A natural starting point is to decide whether to go for a traditional or modern design. Both are likely to bring in a reasonable amount of customers. Over the centuries, the decor and overall look of a classic pub has been established. This makes it much easier to come up with a layout.

On the other hand, modern bars can be more innovative and require designers to think outside the box. They allow people to get more creative with their ideas. It is essential not to make the design too abstract, as this may alienate potential customers.

Choosing the Right Furniture

The most significant factors which will dictate what furniture to use, are the size and customer capacity of the pub. The designer should remember that a lot of people will need to sit down, but there should also be plenty of open space. Accessibility for disabled patrons will also be a factor.

Furniture is a long term investment. It is worth stocking up on items such as ikea klippan sofa cover replacements so that fresh ones can be changed over time. Wear and tear are likely to occur and should, therefore, be prepared for.

The Best Colour Scheme

Colour will dictate the mood of an interior. Generally speaking, a drinking establishment should have a relaxing and laid back atmosphere. Incorporating colours which encourage this emotional state is a good idea.

Not all colours go well together. Designers who understand colour theory will be more likely to come up with a successful scheme. It may be tempting to make the place as colourful as possible. However, this can end up looking too loud. It is much better to choose a select few colours which complement each other.

Deciding on a Theme

Some pubs and bars do not need a specific theme and work well with simple, generic designs. On the other hand, some owners prefer to come up with a unique idea which sets their business apart from the rest.

This could be a design and art theme, such as Minimalism or Art Deco. Alternatively, the theme could be more tangible. For instance, pubs close to the coast could be seaside or pirate themed. When choosing the right one, the designer is limited only by their imagination.

Designing Pub and Bar Interiors

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